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Jeffery Mimms
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Google announced their newest product, the Chromecast, last July. In fact, it is the latest pint sized gadget that will let you stream content on your TV screens from your computer, iOS and Android. Plus, the price is only $35..

In addition, the box stated it is the quickest method to watch videos online to your television. In fact, during their conference, Google showed a wireless device that is not linked to the TV while getting hidden behind, and also the operation is very simple.

Basically, Chromecast is very much alike to Apple’s Airplay; you can merely tap the cast button to start it. It consequently sends the contents from the application to the television. However, some reviewers say that scrolling lags a little bit and the video becomes a little choppy. Maybe this could be an issue when you’re chatting on video. Moreover, after you have casted the content, the Chromecast streams from cloud which will allow you to use your gadgets freely while a movie is being played and you don’t need to stop it.

If you are planning that you are going to settle for a movie night tonight, you can do so with Chromecast since it supports a line up for videos as a playlist. Actually, this is the same as Google’s Nexus Q streamer but that one is for music only; thus, the device lets friends add contributions to create a better playlist.

When a video is being played onscreen, you can continue adding on to your queue by simply tapping the cast button and selecting “add.” This is a very simple procedure. Once the queue is complete, the following video starts automatically.

In contrast, the Chromecast's central problem is the incomplete content amount since the choices you can stream to the television are limited. Like for example, for an application to be operable with Chromecast, their developers should first make the functionality. But current streaming is only available for Chrome, Netflix, Google Play and YouTube. These are the only sites so far that provide a good collection of content.

In fact, Google stated that nearly 50% of streamed content from the worldwide web comes from the website YouTube or Netflix. Thus, in the coming months, users would be able to see support for movies from iPhoto and iPhones.

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