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Jeffery Mimms
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Perhaps you have already thought about deleting your account on Facebook before, but for some grounds you were not able to do that. Hence, you have now a pending application and you do not want your future employer to see your pictures at frat parties during your college days or maybe you don’t want to see your friends’ emotional status update. Moreover, if you are now serious on deleting your Facebook account, there are some steps you have to do before you click that delete button. Always remember that deleting is not alike as deactivating the account. Like for instance, when an account is deactivated, people can’t search you, however, the messages that you have sent will still be visible to several people.

1. verify the Apps Basically, there are numerous websites and apps out there that need the users to log in using their Facebook username and password. For that reason, if you delete your Facebook account, you will be unable to access them. For instance, some renowned apps that use FB login are Pandora, Foursquare, Spotify, Instagram and Pinterest. You can check this by checking the settings of your Facebook account and see the apps column. Moreover, another way to go around this is to delete all your friends, and then change the e-mail address you used for your account.

2.Downloading information and Data Download your information or data Users who wish to have a record of the things they have done on the website, may still do so. Facebook has created a quick way to get all the information or data by simply going to the settings. Just click “General” in the left column and click “Download a copy of your data.” Then click “start my archive.”In fact, a user who wants to have a record of the things they have done on the site may still do so. This is so Facebook has produced a direct way to get all the data and information by simply going to the settings. Then click “General” in the left column and click “Download a copy of your data.” Then you can finish it by pressing “start my archive.”

3. Remembering the birthdays of your Friends Obviously, Facebook has been a great way of getting reminded of birthdays of your friends; wherein, without the help of Faceboook, you might forget it instantly. On the other hand, don’t worry as you can always use Facebook’s birthday app anytime. You could as well put a message on top stating you just want to get their birthday before you permanently remove your account.

4. accumulate your FB data on the Cloud Backupify.com is a good way to keep your data on the cloud. It gives you 1GB storage. The files get stored in the AWS or Amazon Web Services.

5Remembering contact information Ask for Contact Information Many communication even business now happens on Facebook. So before you permanently remove your Facebook account, try checking first the people with whom you don't have any other way of keeping in touch. You need to ask first for their phone numbers or email ad. Nevertheless, one of the Facebook member whose contact information you would need to keep is PowerCom. PowerCom is one of the leading providers of audience response systems, also known as “clickers.” These devices make presentations interactive and dynamic. You may contact PowerCom at sales(at)powercomars.com or [email protected]

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